Introducing the Moment Clinic

Moment Clinic is a hospital that focuses on hair transplantation and hair loss treatment, putting each person's naturalness first.
Hair needs to be taken care of rest of your life. Moment clinic will be a partner forever for your hair.

The medical team
at Moment Clinic

The type of hair loss progress pattern, speed, direction of hair growth, and angle are all different.
With years of accumulated experience and know-how, we deliver detailed counseling and hair transplant plans through various cases.

A case proven by accumulated experience
and know-how represents Moment Clinic's ability and stability.

  • Reservation Method

    Hair transplant surgery
    reservation method

  • It is recommended to have a face-to-face consultation with your doctor about
    the number of hair needed for hair transplantation and the exact collection method,
    but if it is difficult to receive counseling,
    you can check the non-face-to-face photo estimate
    by taking pictures and sending pictures via KakaoTalk or e-mail.
Extracting Method

Hair extracting method

Moment Clinic's method of extracting hairs can be largely divided into FUSS(Follicular Unit Strip Surgery)
and FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction), and the FUE method includes all-cut shaving, two-block cut,
and TA-FUE(hidden-cut) and no-cut without shaving.
As for which of the various methods to be extracted, it is decided by judging comprehensively the degree of hair loss,
necessary parameters, scalp elasticity, and economic situation.
FUSS FUE with shaving TA-FUE
(FUE without shaving)
Operation time About four hours
(3000 hair standard)
About five hours
(3000 hair standard)
About five to six hours
(3000 hair standard)
Shaving X O X
Graft survival rate Same as FUE Same as FUSS Same as FUSS
Stitch Out The stitches should be removed two weeks after the operation. No stitches. No stitches.
Scar Thin solid line scar Little dot scar Little dot scar
Pain Three to four days of pulling pain Less pain in daily life Less pain in daily life
Feature Good for mass hair transplantation We can selectively collect hair follicles We can selectively collect hair follicles
Moment TA-FUE(Hidden Cut)

What is Moment Clinic TA-FUE

A shaving-free FUE collection method that is taken after cutting only the necessary hair and surrounding hair without shaving it.
  • The reason why
    you have to choose TA-FUE

    • Selectively healthy hair follicles can be collected from the entire occipital area.
    • Because you do not shave, you can return to your daily life quickly the next day after surgery.
    • Natural results can be confirmed because the thickness of hair is selectively collected. In particular, for women, the use of hair thickness is very important.
    • The pain is less than that of FUSS. For those who are sensitive to pain, pain can be reduced.
  • Staffs Role

    The role of
    medical staffs

    • Moment clinic has a surgical team belonging to the hospital which has been working together for a long time.
    • After extracting, the hair follicles are stored in a storage solution first, then the healthiest and strongest hair follicles are selected.
    • We use microscopes to remove unnecessary tissue in hair follicles that hinders the hair follicles from growing.
    • There will be a secondary screening to check the shape and quality of hair follicles.
    • Settle hair follicles in implanter during transplantation.
    • Team work between medical staffs and doctor is very important. Both need to be highly skilled to perform an ideal transplantation surgery
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